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Pb and marceline dating

That would have been well and good, but then this happens. Like she’s smelling a blueberry muffin made by God, him/herself.

Considering she lives surrounded by candy and walking, talking baked goods, that’s saying a lot.

Over the years we’ve seen glimpses of her past, and those impressions have asked as many questions as they’ve answered (in a good way! The more we know about her, the more we to know about her — but the cryptic nature of her character is one of the things that makes her so enchanting.

“Stakes” elevates Marcie’s story — and her relationship with PB — by bringing her into the coming of age conversation the other characters have been having for the last two seasons.

It also explored the loneliness and listlessness both PB and Marcie have grappled with as they’ve moved from childhood into adulthood.

Former“Sublime art is unframeable: It’s an image or idea that implies that there’s a bigger image or idea that you can’t see: You’re only getting to look at a fraction of it, and in that way it’s both beautiful and scary, because it’s reminding you that there’s more that you don’t have access to.” That method of storytelling has served the writers well, especially when it comes to Marceline.

At the signing, Olson said she was talking with Ward, figuring out characater motivation and other kind of actor-y things, regarding a scene between her and Princess Bubblegum.

Marceline is a bit of a rebel who plays a mean bass, and lives off the color red, not blood.

A 2011 episode of titled “What Was Missing” caused a bit of a stir when it alluded to perhaps, more than platonic feelings between the girls.

During the first episode, she tells PB, “I was just a messed up kid when I became a vampire.

Now it’s a thousand years later and I’m still messed up.

Marceline shows up, wearing an outfit that can only be described as Roller Girl Chic, and asks Bubblegum for help dealing with the Sky Witch. Don’t tell her I said that.”Marceline convinces her to continue the search for Hambo nonetheless. Anyway, the box is full of receipts, including one that states some weenis (their word, not mine) named Ash (Marcie’s ex) sold Hambo to the witch.

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Pb and marceline dating introduction

Pb and marceline dating

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