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Newly converted muslim men and dating

But, Mourad says, “the problem with a place like Saudi Arabia, because of the influence it has, the money it has and the oil it has, people tend to think that this is Islam. Stop telling newly converted Muslims that they must wear the thobe, abaya, or a shalwar khameez, because “this is how Muslims dress.” This is your culture![But] Saudi Arabia represents a very small portion of Islam.” American converts complain of feeling shut out of the mosque environment because it can be so steeped in cultures they don’t belong to. The American women bloggers discuss convert life, including calling out Muslims who want to impose their cultures, like in this excerpt: And please: Stop asking converts if they know how to cook some dish from your country or dessert your mother made back home. That alienation is one of the reasons the Muslim Community Association has this class.Because Adam and Eve were forgiven before they left the garden of Eden, so they did not carry down with them an original sin to atone for. A sin is an act that you do.” The class also tackles topics specific to converts. You’re not going to worship that way, you’re not going to eat the ham, you’re not going to drink wine.” Costa laughs, visibly relieved.Nathalia Costa asks if it’s okay for her to participate in holidays like Christmas, to be part of her family. Mixing up culture and religion These topics don’t normally come up in your average Friday prayer sermon, where the target audience is, for the most part, Muslims born and raised with the religion.About 20% of American Muslims are converts — people who didn’t grow up with the religion and often don’t have any cultural ties.In some faiths, there’s a clear path for prospective converts.They kneel, then prostrate, then sit, and stand back up again, all in silence.Through the corner of her eye, head bowed, Costa follows the women closely. She’s a Brazilian American who became Muslim in December 2016.

Especially excited is a Moroccan grandma named Sister Fateeha Abu Mahmoud Kratas.It feels good to be around fellow converts, learning more information and being able to openly ask questions.In class, instructor Tarek Mourad teaches the new converts about Islam’s main tenets and rituals. The students are attentive as he instructs: “The whole concept of original sin — it doesn’t exist.This is a more diverse mosque than many, and that can also help new converts choose how to practice Islam in their own way.“We have people from all over the world,” Mourad says. We have at least 30 or 40 different countries of origin here.

One place it be found is the Muslim Community Association in Santa Clara, which has been offering post-conversion support classes for the last seven years.

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Newly converted muslim men and dating introduction

Newly converted muslim men and dating

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