Deep sea core dating

The deepwater depression, generally considered to be a vast structural downwarp, is an unusual and significant feature of the Earth’s crust.

The centre of the depression consists of a sedimentary and a basaltic crustal layer, with a granite layer thrust between them at the periphery.

Continuing northward along the western shore, a flatter plateau region gives way to the great Danube River delta, which thrusts its mass out into the sea.shelf zone occupies about one-fourth of the entire area.In ancient Greek myths, the sea—then on the fringe of the Mediterranean world—was named Pontus Axeinus, meaning “Inhospitable Sea.” Later explorations made the region more familiar, and, as colonies were established along the shores of a sea the Greeks came to know as more hospitable and friendly, its name was changed to Pontus Euxinus, the opposite of the earlier designation.It was across its waters that, according to legend, Jason and the Argonauts set out to find the Golden Fleece in the land of Colchis, a kingdom at the sea’s eastern tip (now Georgia).Spurs of the Greater and Lesser Caucasus ranges, separated by the Kolkhida lowland, confine the Black Sea in the east, while the Pontic Mountains run along the southern coast.Near the Bosporus outlet, the shoreline relief is moderate though still steep.

The Black Sea coastline is otherwise fairly regular.

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Deep sea core dating introduction

Deep sea core dating

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