Dating someone who gets angry

But for the longest time, no matter what we tried, or what he tried, he would not change, people don't change, thats just how it is, and still, he's the same as always, its more that we changed.

It seems most these men with bad tempers use their emotions as weapons and often act like subclinical psychopaths, any woman dumb enough to marry one and cruel enough to subject her children to them doesn't deserve children.

when he's having a fit about something (usually just some kind of weird defensive spaz about anything i say that's vaguely critical - like, hey, could you do the garbage tonight?In case you're not familiar with it, individuals with this disorder have anger problems, but the anger is so severe that it causes the individuals to be physically violent toward themselves, others, or property.With inidividuals who simply have bad tempers, they blow up, lash out, and scream, but they are often careful to avoid violence.I've come to the conclusion that he's just mean and angry. (We don't have kids - we are both in our forties.) just wondering about the commenter. i hope you're finding some joy or moving forward in some positive way?i feel you b/c i'm in a similar situation, also in 40s, no kids. for several years i would debate the "validity" of him yelling so much, banging on desks, walls, steering wheel, etc.

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Dating someone who gets angry introduction

Dating someone who gets angry

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