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Dating ibanez

It was made by Maxon, used the TA75558P op-amp (just like the last batch of originals) and were very difficult to tell apart from the ’80s item.The switch (the little tactile switch inside) is different, though, so if you take it out the difference is clear.They are harder to mod to 808 specs, though, as the TS-10 not only had component value changes (like the ”9”) but also a few components that weren’t there before.The input/output jacks are mounted directly on the pcb, with no support from the box, and many of them eventually fail.

Almost all of the TS-808s used either the JRC4558D or the Texas Instruments RC4558P op-amp. The pots are different from the ones in the later pedals (they are the open design, rather than enclosed), but aside from those you could easily turn a (far cheaper) TS-9 into an 808.It’s pretty good, and relatively easy to mod as well.The tricky bit is taking the pedal apart and putting it back together – it’s built using a modular system, with a bunch of different circuit boards connected with wires and multi-connectors.Still, there are plenty of them around, so they must be relatively sturdy.TS-7 Tubescreamer: This is the one with the ”gain” switch and the funky ”pop-up” pots.

It didn’t last, though, and when the Soundtank series moved to plastic boxes (within the first year or so), the TS-5 was born.

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Dating ibanez introduction

Dating ibanez