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Date an intersexed lady

Name: Jane-Maree Paula Howard , E-Mail: , City: Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand Comments: Hi Lena :-) I've been reading your posts on Crone and TS-BREASTS for several years now - I went post-op in Bangkok (Dr Preecha Tiewtranon - very good!! I really appreciate your encyclopedic knowledge of the biochemistry background to HRT, your advice to other TS women, and your sometimes bluntly expressed ( :-D ) opinions on the medical fraternity. Galvanic not just gives least regrowth and least risk of skin damage and equipment is cheapest, galvanic is also far less painful. Name: Lena , E-Mail: Comments: Lena, vy takaja ze raspushenajia kak i vashe imia Lena... Impatient customers add to that and as a result endure much more pain. Unlike other methods of needle electrolysis, galvanic forgives small misses, less likely damages skin and gives much higher probability of successful killing the follicle on the first try, i.e. Galvanic seems slower (almost a minute per follicle, though really it's not slower considering less regrowth) and low-tech, but the real reason why pure galvanic is almost never used by professional electrologists is that devices for it are too simple and therefore unprofitable for device makers and sellers, so they brainwash electrologists. along blood vessels), erode follicle and fuse the vessels. Xotia nastojeseje imia Alionushka, nu praimo kak v skazke Alionushka i duraciok Ivanushka... Name: Diane , E-Mail: , City: Genève Suisse , Home Page URL: Bonjour et bravo pour votre site vous ête formidable, je vous transmet toute mes meilleures pensées, une de vos nombreuses soeurs. Hello and cheer for your formidable site you ête, I transmits all my the best thought, one to you of your many soeurs. Name: Nicole Paige , E-Mail: , City: New York Comments: I am an admirer of yours from various groups including crone, FFS, voicets and related TS yahoo forums. Name: Odhiambo WASHINGTON , E-Mail: Comments: Hi Lena, I have visited your page, and looked at the photos and sincerely, I must say you made all the RIGHT choices. I understand how people here feel about Transgender people, it is not easy. Quantity of lye produced with the current is directly proportional to charge. Comments: Hi Lena, just want to thank you for the websites. I am actually british born but I have spent the past 17 years living and working in Russia and the Ukraine. Current strength in micro Amperes multiplied to time of passing the current in seconds is called "charge" in micro Coulombs. Name: Sarasvathi , E-Mail: , City: far away , Home Page URL: Hi! You are a very beautiful person - no matter who you are. Name: craig , E-Mail: , City: mmichigan Comments: hello Lena,i just wanted to say i think you are a very classy and beautiful woman,it doesnt matter what you were or whats under the clothes,what matters is whats you are a stunning woman...from me 658. Unlike if a switch is used (abrupt change of current), the surface of contact between the foot and the spoon increases gradually preventing painful jerk. I just did send you a long letter :-) So I dont have so much to say now.

ja prosto shozy s yma ot misli cto ostanys v muzskom oblicai. Plus of the battery to the spoon, it's very important, else you'll give yourself permanent tattoo with rust.

Since i'll never meet you...I can do is send you both my heart....the next time you feel a gentle wind,blowing softly on your cheekz.....that it's just me there,cheering you on. lye) remain near the needle (mostly where resistance in lower, i.e.

It must take so much courage,to live in this overly-oppresive culture you're in. I'm so happy for you....finding your sweetheart...look so happy together....her I say hello. pure DC, a simple electrochemical process: part of water molecules in the body is dissociated to H ion (proton) and OH- ion, an electron from the needle joins with the H ion resulting in hydrogen atom, two hydrogen atoms join into hydrogen molecule, hydrogen gas bubbles out (too little of it to inflame), OH- ions (i.e.

Name: Jana Ilsen , E-Mail: , City: Haren, NL Comments: Dear Lena, Nice to meet you here. Da i vobshem kakaia razniza kto ti po polu, vazhno -kto ti po suti. Needle can pierce follicle - it's admissible, but don't push needle more than 2-3 mm deeper than follicle.

Name: kristina , E-Mail: , City: Riga Comments: zdravstvujte Lena,ja hotela sprasic mi mozem poopsjaca s vami po internetu ja sama iz Latvij i zdes nekovo netu kto pojmjot, ja uze upotrebljaju 7 mesjacov gormoni no oni kakto mne neochen pomogajus sto mne delac? Usually you feel resistance when needle reaches the follicle, it's enough deep.

You are so pretty, even:) What matters in this world is for one to be happy. If 20 thousand micro Coulombs = 20 milli Coulombs is not enough for easy sliding the hair out then that means that you miss the target, more precision is needed. Wonderful in your red long dress, sitting on the chair. but I am only dressing sometimes at home or going out at night in shorts, pantys and other funny feminin cloths. but I always like to read the stories of other transgender people.

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Date an intersexed lady introduction

Date an intersexed lady