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Anonymous dirty chat

I’d appreciate if it the person who sent this would approach me privately.

And more broadly, there’s ever something you want to raise but you’re afraid there will be consequences to you for doing so, please talk with me and we’ll figure out a way to ensure that you’re not penalized for being the messenger.” (Then, of course, your workplace has to be committed to following through on that.) 3. Explain you received an anonymous report about this and that you have no reason to believe it, but that you want to ask if he can think of anything that would have given someone that impression.

Recently, we began getting anonymous emails from someone within the office accusing the temp of making unauthorized purchases on the card.

My only excuse for doing this is that I am failing less spectacularly than other online sources writing about the same topic.] I’ve worked with doctors who think Alcoholics Anonymous is so important for the treatment of alcoholism that anyone who refuses to go at least three times a week is in denial about their problem and can’t benefit from further treatment.However, whoever is sending the anonymous emails would not have access to any card, receipt, or bill – so unless there was an out and out confession, all evidence seems to be at best circumstantial. To be honest, I stepped up to the plate to be a good employee and have checked all the receipts, but this incident is making me re-think that position, as it appears whomever is sending the emails is making unsubstantiated claims, and could easily make them against me. They are rarely, if ever, the correct way to handle a problem, and they put the receiver in a really awkward position because now you have to wonder all sorts of things: Is this a real problem or someone with an unsubstantiated ax to grind? How much time, if a first look doesn’t reveal any problems?Ultimately, what I and the senior approving person in the office want is for whomever is sending the emails to come forward with evidence that the temp is stealing – if he was stealing this is something we would want to know, but this email-sender has hidden behind an anonymous email address. If I stop after that first look and later it turns out there was a problem, will I be to blame for not investigating further?Maybe there’s some procedure he’s using that’s inadvertently appearing shady to an observer, who knows.I don’t love option #3, because if the guy hasn’t actually done anything wrong, it’s going to cause him unfair stress and anxiety.

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28-Jun-2018 02:17

Anonymous dirty chat introduction

Anonymous dirty chat