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The third period: the Russia of Vladimir and Suzdal, starting with the middle of the XII century and ending with Batu-Khan's conquest in 1237 7.4. Why the Muscovite rulers were accompanied by the "Tartars" rather then armies in military campaigns. Novgorod-upon-Volkhov: oddities in occupation layer datings 12.5. Batu-Khan identified as Yaroslav, his XIV century original being Ivan Danilovich Kalita = Caliph 2.2.1. An attempt of transferring the capital to Kiev 2.2.3.

The fourth period: the yoke of the Tartars and the Mongols, starting with the battle of Sit in 1238 and ending with the 1481 "Ougra opposition", which is considered to mark the "official end of the Great Yoke" nowadays 7.5. Birch bark documents had been used by the "ancient" Romans, and therefore cannot predate the XIV century 12.6. The battle between Batu-Khan and the Hungarian king with his allies 2.2.4.

Kuzmina Gat in the Battle of Kulikovo and the neighbourhood of Kuzminki in Moscow 2.6.

The identification of Kolomna as the starting point of Dmitriy's march towards the Kulikovo Field 2.7.

Mamai's headquarters on the Krasniy Kholm (Red Hill) near the Kulikovo Field vs.

the Krasniy Kholm, Krasnokholmskiy Bridge and Krasnokholmskaya Embankment in Moscow 2.5.

The "Academic Moscow Copy" of the Povest Vremennyh Let 4.10. A brief summary of our analysis of the Radzivilovskaya Chronicle 5. What language were the famous Khan's yarlyks (decrees, in particular– documents certifying the Princes' rights to their domains) written in? Why the traditional identification of the Old Russian capital (Novgorod the Great) as the modern town of Novgorod on the Volkhov is seen as dubious 11.2.2. The famous Icon of Novgorod and the Icon of Yaroslavl 12. A hypothesis about the etymology of the word "Russia" ("Rouss") Chapter 4 Ancient Russia as seen by contemporaries 1. The land of the Amazons in Russia, between Volga and Don, as represented on the map of Charles V and Ferdinand.

The chronology page of the Radzivilovskaya Letopis 4.8. History of the Mongols and the chronology of its creation 10. Our hypothesis about Yaroslavl being the historical Novgorod the Great 11.2.1. "Gospodin Velikiy Novgorod" ("Lord Novgorod the Great") as the agglomeration of towns and cities in the Yaroslavl region 11.2.8.

The information about the Battle of Kulikovo: origins and present condition 2.4.Where are the graves of the warriors who had fallen in the battle of Kulikovo? The location of the Rozhestveno village that Dmitriy Donskoi had granted to the Old Simonov monastery after the Battle of Kulikovo 3.4. The origins of the name Mikhailovo at River Chura in Moscow 14.5. Authentic Old Russian attire dating from the XVII century and decorated with lettering in three scripts – Cyrillic, Arabic and a "mystery script" that defies interpretation today 4.The battle between Mamai and Tokhtamysh in 1380 as yet another reflection of the Kulikovo Battle of 1380 4. A fragment of "Sigismund's map", or a plan of Moscow dating from the alleged year 1610, whereupon the part of Moscow between the Kremlin and the Yaouza estuary, or the Kulishki, is already filled with buildings. The Grebnyovskaya Icon given to Dmitriy Donskoi, and River Chura in Moscow Chapter 7 From the Battle of Kulikovo to Ivan the Terrible 1. Occasional use of Arabic script in Russian texts in the relatively recent epoch of the XVII century. Arabic numerals as derived from the alphanumeric symbols of the Slavs and the Greeks in the XV-XVI century a.d. The invention of positional notation: when did it happen? The origins of the Arabic numerals used for positional notation 5.3. The destruction of inscriptions on the Old Russian relics 5.1. Having planted a page into the chronicle, the hoaxer prepared space for another, soon to be "fortunately found". Russia-Horde and Moscow Russia on the pages of the Bible 11. What we know about the city of Novgorod (the Great) 11.2. Yaroslav's Court as the court of a Great Prince 11.2.5. The Yaroslavl Region as the domain of the Great Prince 11.2.7. Forged fragments of the Radzivilovskaya Letopis – the copy that served as basis for the Povest Vremennyh Let 4.1. History of the copy known as the Radzivilovskaya Letopis 4.3. Who could have planted a page with the "Norman" theory into the Povest Vremennyh Let? How the "scientific" Norman theory got dethroned and declared antiscientific 4.7.

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America dating in london

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