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Yet fake reviews are still prevalent

Consumers overwhelmingly expect the reviews they peruse on Amazon, Yelp, Google and other review sites to be trustworthy, neutral and objective. pinion spam blinds the consumer to the truth and poisons the reputation of the review site where the fake review appears. Unfortunately, opinion spam — despite the best efforts of review sites to control it — appears to be a permanent, intractable feature of the e-commerce and local business information ecosystem.

Google’s Freshness, or ‘fresher results’, update

When Google announced an algorithm change on November 3, 2011, impacting ~35 percent of total searches focusing on providing the user with ‘fresher, more recent search results‘, the SEO industry and content marketers alike stood up and took notice. One of the interesting aspects of the Freshness Algorithm update was the fact that many more sites appeared to have gained from the update, as opposed to having seen lost rankings or visibility from them.
4 Steps to Optimizing Your Website

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Target Market Business Analysis. Keyword Research and Development. Content Optimization and Submission. Continuous Testing and Measuring.